Home Sweet Hell

from by Shriek! for Death



In the dark of the night is where we'll meet
You're out all alone while I'm stalking the streets
I'm looking for blood..you're looking for action
Just slicing your throat would bring me satisfaction.

I think I'll take you home...and skin you alive...
Make a nice lampshade...with your hide!
Down in the cellar is where I'll bury the bones..
And you'll stay here with us now...In our home sweet home.

I am a psycho killer just doing what I like
paralyzing you with fear before I take your life
mutilation and murder gives me evil pleasure
The skulls that I keep...they are my greatest treasure...

My home is one of horror...grizzly and macabre...
Behind these walls...nightmares come to life...
A house is not a home without a little flesh and bone.
They all stay here with us now...in our home sweet home...


from Shriek! for Death, released October 31, 2016



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